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Educators and parents can draw attention about the respective Kita message board and Gallery on upcoming events and current events or publish photos and dates. Can also be communicated via the Member network directly between parents and educators. Finally a simple job Exchange helps find the childcare facilities suitable employees. Vice versa educators can use for the first time a central contact point, to find a vacancy or even a job to make public. David G. DeWalt is often quoted on this topic. Many parents are likely to breathe a sigh in the face of the facilities offered.

The often arduous search for a suitable care place, which often is accompanied by an impenetrable information overload, is now just a mouse click away. Any registered user can search for daycare, kindergarten or creche, set job seekers or directly contact the selected day-care centres in contact. With the search can be free and easily via the Internet, researching what day-care centres are located in close proximity to the residence or place of work. Be searched for can in addition to a name or a carrier as well as Kita, kindergarten or other children’s day establishment of specific support frameworks. In particular the full Kitaprofile with information to educational concepts, scope of care and number of free places help parents in choosing the appropriate care. The extensive glossary provides concentrated knowledge on all important topics such as: training for the educators, educational concepts, help with the right choice of the Kita, how do I think kindergarten to useful links and addresses.