And the more people in contact with the substance, the more it accumulates in the body and thus cause more damage. And most of carcinogens found in food! Hence, it is necessary to know what it is. Here most dangerous: – crispy fried crust on the steak, chops and any Refried food – is the path to cancer, because during the cooking of meat under strong heating stands out very harmful substance – akrilomid. Love ? You can not! – Fat in all its forms adversely affects the breast, colon and endometrium in women provokes degeneration of cells – a hot tea, and generally any Immolation food can be a source of carcinogens, and cause cancer of the stomach, esophagus, larynx – bad overcooked coffee, it can provoke bladder cancer – dyes that are used for dyeing eggs, some products also contain carcinogens, and brighter than the dye, so it is dangerous, suffers greatly liver and kidneys – products that are msg (it’s soups, some canned food), can cause stomach cancer. Oh, father! After this 30 years ago still write? Read? Yes for sure! And again – more to eat In addition, tobacco smoke was harmful (to others and for smokers) – it provokes cancer mouth, pancreas, lung, larynx, kidney and bladder. All painkillers, in which there is fenatsitin can be a source of cancer of the kidneys and bladder..