Caries Risk For Babies

What parents should look for most parents it’s the most natural thing in the world: ends up the pacifier of the baby on the floor and it no faucet can be reached directly, he is sucked off just quickly itself. Then, the young sucks again peacefully on the dummy. It is often unclear to adults in what danger they issued their protege with unconventional cleaning. Caries lurks on every corner and can be easily transmitted through the used pacifiers. The Internet portal refers to the dangers and reported what should refrain from parents for the sake of their offspring.

Babies and toddlers have still no proper teeth. The risk for tooth decay and gum disease is still high. Many parents however, ignore the warnings of doctors and rely on traditional wisdom. Free according to the motto of what grandma is not hurt, may be not unhealthy for the baby”assumes the Pacifiers for quick cleaning in the mouth or the baby food spoon checked his temperature, with the later, the offspring is fed. Caries on pacifier or porridge spoon can be transferred even, if still no teeth are visible. The bacterium simply attaches itself to the oral mucous membranes and holding as long as, until the first Milchzahnchen break through. Because the teeth in infants and young children are particularly vulnerable, painful holes even for thorough oral hygiene and healthy eating can occur easily.

For parents, teether, pacifier and cutlery are therefore off-limits. Caries can be transmitted also by kissing. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann