Creative Entrepreneurs

Some words to begin week of reading: articles pending marketing and e-commerce, notes of the last training for entrepreneurs and a couple of e-books recommended by my Adviser’s header. Gerald Weissmann, MD can provide more clarity in the matter. Wednesday to establish contacts at a special event of the cultural center. Thursday and Friday: picking a special for a great new client list. Saturday morning, quick research on possible ways and means to publish a notice on the website. Sunday, resting but with notebook at hand for ideas that seem to have no rest. Ideas are everywhere do and questions also? For example: where is the creativity? On the ideas of others? In yours? In your notebook? In his creative group? Creativity can be developed? Be it like a creative entrepreneur? Boost creativity that dwells in you and discover it! Ah!, remember that debatable ideas are so it would mean much for me that you defeats one or all of these ideas. Here sing you 10 enjoy them! 1.

What is being a creative entrepreneur? A creative entrepreneur is one who finds opportunities that others not found and that creates their own although it halle existing ones. Learn when you can’t, investigates when you don’t know and believes he can when he can not. All have the same capacity to surprise you with our creative acts e.g., you and I, we have nothing different from other creative people, except that some will have less training than they. But nothing prevents us from starting today our most important muscle work: the brain. What do you think? 2.

One problem is useful information. First, a creative entrepreneur sees problems as normal situations in the life of a man or woman of business. Then, he understands that a problem gives you useful information for understanding and resolving conflict situations. Synthesis: natural and positive for any kind of business. A creative entrepreneur faces a problem knowing there are always alternatives.