Deep Of The Well

evangelho of today says in them: Israel loved Jose more than what all the other children, because it was the son of its oldness; orders to it to make a tnica of some colors. Its brothers, seeing that its father preferred they to it, had conceived hatred against it and they could not more treat it with good ways. However, Jose had a dream, and he counted its brothers, who it detestaram still more. Hear other arguments on the topic with film director. Jose had been launched it only for the envy, corrosive, yes for the proper blood had been trado, menosprezado, as Caim makes the Abel, its brothers repeated the dull error, Jose, youngest child, favourite,> there you arrived at the deep one of the well! dense affirmation, lasts and heavy, it did not obtain digeriz it, difficult, as to be educated by a rock, thus it was when I was born and until the end of the existence it would be The education was for the rock, the weight, for the harshness, did not have words of love, much apanhara. The affection did not find space in my home, was animals, we were confined, and all the cost we tried to keep our territory in this inadequate cage It suffered for that it did not understand, did not control, in its naivety discloses and in this way they had sentenced, it as it could reign, did not desire the power, wise person who the power was as the envy, cursed, corrupted and destrua the priest continues its sermon: Jose has a dream and discloses to the father and to its brothers: Its brothers had said to it: Quererias, porventura, to reign on us and to become you ours Sir? and had still more hated it because of its dreams and of its words. Jose still had another dream, that counted to its brothers.