Early Stimulation In The Family And School

The family is the first encourages early stimulation in a baby. The child will receive all stimuli from their environment and incorporate them into your experiences that will give origin to new learnings on how everything works. When the parents decide to take the child to a center of early stimulation, it is important that they are involved in the child’s learning, why you should take the same path in activities and even in the form of treatment. When a child is behaving sweet and affectionate with the educators, and at home makes tantrums and does not obey, that means that something it is wrong, that are taking different paths, both at home and in Center of early stimulation. Requires good communication and action between the parties. So teachers and specialists should participate actively, giving information to parents of what is being done and why.

Anyway, parents are obliged to support and follow the instructions offered by the Center. Have or adopt a commitment oriented towards the well-being of the child, with suggested activities, with recommendations, with activities aimed at behaviour modification. These are obligations that has a center of early stimulation with the family: Guide to parents about the stages of development that has the child, activities and appropriate materials to be used and why. Methods used to treat about behavior, feeding, and pedagogy of each child according to the context where unfolds and the individual characteristics of each child. The needs and demands of the family must be heard while maintaining mutual respect, with an open dialogue.

Integrate the family in the achievements that the child has had, motivating their participation in activities shared with the entire group. Make workshops to inform her host family, related topics of interest to them, answering all their questions. Use simple words so that the family can understand. They don’t have to dominate educational terms, not It costs us to explain them more easily, the main idea is to solve doubts, not create them. Generate between parents and the specialist, moments of reflections and opinions, using different group techniques.