Educating The Deaf

In this perspective, to consider the POUNDS? Brazilian language of Signals – as base for the education of the Portuguese language and the letramento for the pedagogical actions, have-if in sight the acquisition of the process of the learning giving to this the appropriate direction, from its experiences In this direction, we will be respecting its identity and the deaf culture, trying to minimize the existing preconceptions in the society, therefore when the deaf child has contact with its natural language is given it possibility to it of constitution of its knowledge of world, being possible the agreement of what it folloies daily, facilitating its inclusion in the society, as well as, in the work market. Word-Key: Bilinguismo- Letramento- Inclusion social INTRODUCTION the inclusion of the carrying individuals of educative necessities special currently, in Brazil, is a challenge. In this group the deaf citizens are fit. Many fidgets appear inside of this field of research. Several are the difficulties or problems that entered the deficient process that tries to facilitate the inclusion of the auditory ones of the social point of view. In this point, they as well as detach as changeable the lack of verbal communication, that harms the learning significantly, the application of methodologies not contextualizadas with the partner-cultural reality of the pupil. Not being able to disdain the lack of preparation of the majority of the educators who act in this area, and the importance of the awareness of the family and the society which are inserted in relation to all this problematic one. During much time, this population, was seen by its deficiencies, relegating the educational work for these people in restricted environments, judging that the isolation would result in the effectiveness of the attendance pedagogical.