Education Ministry

Students with special educational needs requires specific pedagogical AIDS to achieve the competences laid down in school curricula. Today, the technologies of information and communication (technologies ICT) are an important source of resources adapted to the requirements of these students in the instrumental areas that impede their appropriate formative development. Different institutions have undertaken projects that facilitate the access of teachers, families and students to these technological resources. Project learning the project learn, driven between the Education Ministry and the autonomous communities through the Internet in the classroom Convention, aims to consolidate and develop the physical, affective, cognitive and communicative capabilities of students with educational needs. It gives concrete depending on its shortcomings responses, either an unfavourable social situation, learning difficulties or a disability. More info: Toronto Maple Leafs.

They are not teaching units for a stage or concrete education cycle, but activities directed at strengthening general aspects that facilitate subsequent learning and help in everyday life situations related to personal autonomy, problem solving and decision making. We work on aspects such as the body schema, auditory discrimination, investments and substitutions of letters, construction of words or recovery of dislexias, among others. Multimedia activities are distributed in two areas (worlds) major: learning to be and learning to do. Each of them is structured on four levels aimed at students aged 5 to 18. Teachers and families, that can use the resource in support of classroom or home tasks and as a tool for student tracking, have access to an educational guide for each activity, explaining its purpose and the methodology to be applied. Teachers can also download sheets in pdf format for use as supplementary material in class. Has the platform has catalog is a catalog of ICT solutions for students with specific needs of learning. Developed in the framework of the Avanza Plan by the Department of education of the Government of Navarra and the Ministry of education, has counted with the collaboration of the other autonomous communities.