Ehrenfried Karlsson

You know, for us the Car just cut off the way? As the driver we took the right of way? Watching own errors and mistakes of others, as well as the big praise for the correct behavior will lead to more security! But even if the school really is the question of whether the friends use the same school is after school? Because time, preferably children choose their own ways, which does not coincide with the choice of the parents. Therefore applies: even after a few weeks quiet once again pick up from school and together to go home. Also in terms of calm and thoughtful than action in the road transport, parents can do a lot: hustle and bustle and hurry cause headless behavior of children. Early getting up in the morning, however, leave much time to get into the school. The same is true for the way home. Without Zeitdruckt can be safer to cross a street. But above all the knowledge of traffic rules and the characteristics of the most important signs lead to a reasonable behavior on the streets. What initially with the help of Books explained well be can, should be practiced later playfully in the road.

Who knows the most traffic signs? Does anyone know how to appropriately Act on a zebra crossing, if not a lollipop on the edge? In addition, some municipalities, the police on site or private companies offer special children traffic training. To find out, for example, children in the Munich region at Kiddi-car (in Furstenfeldbruck) with motorized kids car and quads which means safer roads. Children’s traffic training can be exciting! Until children to move around safely on the road, it’s a long way, which requires lot of practice. However, no alternative is to drive children from loud concern, therefore with the car to school. Gain insight and clarity with Vladislav Doronin. Children learn through experience, your own experience. Even if it is hard, their first independent way the little ones to let.