Emotional Issues

His psychological (and / or mental) problems are built into the merits and features of election: emotional instability is attributed to the strong energy; problems in communicating with parents attributed to the fact that the parents – it’s backward past generation, which not only have to listen, but you have to redo it in his own way; rejection of the society approved and explained by the fact that this society is really good for nothing; extrasensory abilities in themselves considered a sign chosen, regardless of their origin. Closure of the newly promoted ‘Indigo’ on each other, where they continue exaggerated themes of what we are good and favorites, and what is bad and horrible society. Teens strongly taught that they Indigo (not people) that they are not from Earth, but from another planet, where all the good and spiritual. This leads to the so-called ‘homesick’.

All this is accompanied by copious ‘channeling’ of good spirits and ‘mahatmas Shambhala on the side of the veil’ (copies of which are actually written by a very competent people and contain a huge number of receptions Erickson hypnosis and suggestion). Approved and in every way stimulated the development of psychic ability to ‘communicate with other worlds and dimensions. ” For this and numerous training seminars. This leads to further separation of juveniles from the physical world, spiritual care in the fibers, an end to communicate with their peers, who are ‘not aware’.

They begin to make plans as if it was possible to influence the society, but as a rule, until things do not get it. From this there is a feeling of powerlessness, feeling ‘that we can not change anything here. ” Staying here is unbearable. It starts with depression. Teen cries, yearning for the ‘House’ on another planet or in another dimension / space-time. Young people drop studies in schools and colleges. Search begins on how to get away from society and from the earthly world in general. Some drop out of life in the physical world by suicide, others completely and irrevocably go to the vision of the spiritual worlds in living body (mental illness). Deliberate and planned. Scary and cruel. Therefore, if you are someone tells you ‘Indigo’, feel free to reply: I’m a man. And go your way, away from the tell you this man We just people are what is there. Some of us are more spiritual than others. Some of us have some kind of extrasensory perception abilities, others are not. No one is worse and not better. We are different and that’s the charm.