Environmental Education

In addition, it is a chance to test their strength in competition with the best, the strongest of the rest of Europe. Quite often, that at the local level it seems remarkable, in competition with the best examples of contemporary world architecture is simply a good quality and satisfied. During the construction of "Metropol", adding modern elements into consideration was adopted by the historical context of the surrounding space. No doubt, looking at the building, it will be possible to perceive it as a modern piece, but all items are made so that the house is perfect corresponds to the historical and social conditions. Additional information at Kindle Direct Publishing supports this article. Thus the "Metropol" as an architectural object has been widely recognized not only among experts, lovers of modern architectural art, but also made recognition of a simple man in the street, delighting the eye passer Newbie drink his cup of coffee. Sluakov center, developing the concept of building, name of the Centre for Environmental Education, is to think as "environmentally friendly". Czech Republic has accumulated quite a little experience in the design of such buildings, designers and engineers have tried to apply international achievements and knowledge, adapting them to local conditions.

In this case, the problem was to design a building using standard technologies, natural materials to implement the ideas as harmonious with the environment in terms of design. Of course, all this combined should be have high aesthetic appearance. Dimensions of the building SOB bank are quite complex, however, this did not prevent an impressive track record. This project has helped draw attention to office buildings as well. SOB is the only building in Europe the gold certification LEED (program established by the United States, marking a project-leaders in terms of energy and environment).

Cash Prize Mies van der Rohe is 50 000 euro, but only a part Nomination can also serve as a great contribution to the development of architecture, improve building standards, to draw attention to the country, its culture, not least to themselves and architects. Architecture serves as a reflection of culture and society in general. These awards – a chance to mention the most interesting ideas and express possibilities, achievements, the level of a country in this context. Company 'Sun City' by The Prague materials Post