Euro Uhlandstrasse

Dusseldorf School of cooking with new courses with a course offer advanced controls the Dusseldorf School of cooking in the fifth year-new (pleasure) destinations. The House in the Uhlandstrasse 1 has expanded its popular theme evenings dedicated to the countries. “The following sushi cooking class” and the Indian cuisine”the successful Thai cuisine”. A course that teaches the creative, Asian cuisine and the draught horses of the Dusseldorf School of cooking is one of two years after its premiere. The recipes, ingredients and dishes of the respective theme nights vary the cooking, experience, and finally enjoy the long Indian Walnut wood panel in the Red kitchen”is a common experience in the Center. But it’s not always a dish from distant lands. Finally many recipe treasures, may also in Europe”to be discovered. To recover, for example, the course teaches hot chocolate”.

To learn cooking students, such as a 3-course dinner around the sweet Temptation is conjured up. Meanwhile not only men for the warm season gearing up in the grill of course”. Protagonists are they but undeniably the man cooking class”, where better for their half of the pots sweat and eagerly look forward to the judgment of their later invited partners. We want to entertain our guests in a pleasant atmosphere and thereby to teach them the basics of cooking”, says owner Marc Sanchez’s philosophy. A concept that goes on. In August 2007, Gerber man in Cologne-Ehrenfeld opened a second branch. So Gerber man of yet flexible corporate events and individual courses can be offered. 55 places available, are available for groups in Dusseldorf courses monthly changing 44 in two cooking schools are it in Cologne and can be obtained under or booked from 55 euro.