Germany Package user bundle for majority unfair the Federal Republic of Germany has a problem: she’s immense debt. This problem does not only exist since yesterday and is also well known. However, new debt were adopted with each new federal budget, so that the debt has been increasing. Recently, the Federal Government has decided therefore a savings package. This was perceived by large sections of the population as anti-social.

The Exchange Portal on this occasion 3091 investors interviewed, what they think of the austerity package. The debt of the Federal Republic of Germany has adopted in the last few decades slowly but continuously gargantuan proportions. According to German taxpayers, he is currently approximately 1.7 trillion euros. To get finances back under control, the Federal Government has adopted an austerity package. It was decided to save 80 billion euros over the next four years. This corresponds to EUR 20 billion per year. It has hit particularly hard the benefits. That was so Transitional allowance of unemployment unemployment benefits 2 1 being cancelled and reduced the parental allowance.

The number of soldiers of the Bundeswehr is to be reduced by 40,000 soldiers and the Federal Government should delete until 2014 15,000 points. This industrial subsidies like the coal subsidies and Bank aid should remain untouched. Many people feel as unjust, which confirmed also the survey of users: 3091 participants believed 2499, that the austerity package it was socially unjust. This is equivalent to about 81 percent of all respondents. The remaining 592 participants thought was the measures just. More information:…/ Investor survey… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann