Jaguar – The Beast From The Carriage

This fall marks 85 years since the founding of the company that gave the world one of the most pedigreed car brands – Jaguar. Despite the venerable age of a wild animal is in great shape. It is one of the new models "Jaguar" will become a staff car in a new movie about the adventures of James Bond, which we see in the next year. Swallow sidecar on the birth of "Jaguar" is associated with the meeting of two young Englishmen, William Walmsley and William Lyons. Walmsley was engaged in that repairing motorcycles antediluvian "Triumph" and set them side-car of his own design. One of these works became the young Lions, fond of motorcycles. Buggy him so much that he invited the namesake to create a joint venture. After William Lyons celebrated his sovershenoletie, partners autumn of 1922 registered a Swallow Sidecar Company (Company "Buggy Swallow").

Money helped the Lyons' father, who owned a piano business. The first "Swallows" quickly gained some popularity, as distinguished bold design and is made from aluminum, which in those times was a matter of the unseen. However, Lyons was eager to show their talent in the production of these vehicles and he did not miss his chance. In 1927 Herbert Austin presented the famous car Austin Seven, intended for general public: easy to drive, agile and cheap. It should be noted that in those days, many manufacturers do not bother creating bodies and often delivers on the market chassis with engines that are vested in the Metal workers' clothes many workshops.