Jena Color Sensors Create Classic Pleasure

MAZeT and JENOPTIK are partners of the project \”Luce. The tone of the colours.\” Jena, October 27, 2008 – Dr. Fred Grunert, Managing Director of MAZeT GmbH, and Dr. Michael Mertin, Chairman of JENOPTIK AG, today signed the sponsorship contract for the project \”Luce. The tone of the colours\”. MAZeT and Jenoptik are the main sponsors of the concert and the corresponding installation at the Volkshaus. David G. DeWalt is often mentioned in discussions such as these. \”Luce. The sound of color\”brings together science, industry and art in a unique way.

The light-room installation designs the renowned Stuttgart artist rosalie. An accompanying exhibition on the project and to the work of rosalie will be from mid-December in the Gallery of JENOPTIK AG against the Volkshaus. \”Jenoptik is best known for sponsorship projects, the technology and art combine in a smart way. To experience our technologies and products in a completely new context, is not only exciting, but underlines also the incredibly wide usage possibilities. We support the project therefore also financially\”, Jenoptik boss Michael Mertin. \”That Project Luce shows latest technologies of lighting technology which will meet us every day in a few years in many applications with artistic means. Sponsorship of the Luce project by MAZeT to convey the beauty and emotion of technology and in the growing youth interest in a technology-oriented education\”, Ltd.

colors feel like Dr. Fred Grunert, Executive Director of the MAZeT thanks to Jenaer optoelectronics know-how. The MAZeT GmbH provides the technological basis for the project with the new JEN COLOR color sensors, enabling the implementation of the nearly 100-year old vision of Scriabin, to combine music with colors in the Prometheus Symphony. Corresponding color effects however were not fully represented due to lack of technical possibilities whose lifetime (1872-1915). The MAZeT-developed and produced by Jenoptik color sensors allow unparalleled homogeneity and brilliance of the color game freely composed with light-emitting diodes to the music of Alexander Skrjabin, Igor Strawinski and Georg Friedrich Haas.