There are many causes for which human beings may be failing at the moment of choosing partners, the most common are: lack of maturity at the time of choosing, we are satisfied with little, we prefer economic stability, to true love, others instead let small errors that are minimized or justified and that eventually transformed into true chasms that many know as a cause of divorce, under the name of irreconcilable differences. These are few of the causes, but which are the real reasons behind the failure to attract to our partner? Why someone can finish a race, getting a good job, but found it difficult to attract the right couple?. In this article I discuss four of the most common shortcomings, there are more, but you are are those that I consider most important: lack of education a few days ago read, my academic curriculum during the 6 years of school, not be you but I do not know how I could study from math, then, up to Literature, and technical drawing which I will never forget is it was a very difficult subject for me, and I never used it!. There were many years without life, rather than the student, obviously you were wonderful years, however, never received classes for example, with regard to the difference of the brains, how men and women think, as they express their emotions, as they relate to each other, which are in addition to the physical differences, I don’t remember having analysed substantive issues in the life of couple relationships. We have received many teachings afterwards, through our friends, magazines, and some already in live, but the most important of all teachings, or at least that more we use, the life partner, we learn it through failure. Why is important to the education of couple relationships, because you’re going to live with another human being.