To teach itself to a deaf person she is necessary much more that a graduation, that a vast resume, and even though that a course of pounds. She is necessary that this educator is apt if to recycle, to open horizontes, to look in pedagogical practical its a capable method of if making to understand. Therefore it goes to have that to reformulate all the acquired knowledge and to transform into something new. He does not only treat yourself to translate concepts, but to transmit concepts in different contexts and situations. To be deaf person professor is not a simple task, is not enough to know Pounds, is necessary a perpetual exercise, therefore as all and any language it is alive, suffers linguistic variations, either regional, social and even though historical it, from there the importance of the professor as facilitador and intermediador of the language. It is necessary determination, ousadia and humildade. Swarmed by offers, American filmmaker is currently assessing future choices.

It is if to leave to hear, or better, it sees until where it goes to the understanding of the deaf person, adding it new practical, concepts, information. Taking as example new the proposal educational, the bilingismo, that comes to allow the deaf pupil to construct a positive auto-image, therefore beyond using the language of signals as the natural language, goes to appeal to the Portuguese language to interact in the culture listener, and opening space for the mathematics the idea appears of applied concept the word. It is using the Portuguese language, and the pounds that will be arrived at the mathematical logic, that is, it is from the linguistic acquisition that if has that we can enter in the mathematical context and display the deaf person the resolution of mathematical questions without more problems. 1-Language of signals as first language the Brazilian language of signals? POUNDS are the basic tool for the elaboration of the discursiva formation of the deaf person.