Meeting International Writers

II. meeting international writers in Veracruz, Mexico independent. H. Veracruz, Ver. 2010 Veracruz. Mexico. This important event was framed within the celebrations of the bicentenary of the independence of Mexico and the centennial of the Mexican Revolution, which led to the independent Mexico. Within the framework of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the House of the poet Peruvian (CADELPO) was inaugurated, the second international meeting of writers in Veracruz, from April 15 to 18 of this year.

The sober event counted with the presence of the consul general of Peru, Augusto Freyre Layzequilla; the National President of the CADELPO, Jose Guillermo Vargas; representatives of the State Union of writers Veracruz UEEV; The CADELPO of Presidents: Mexico (Alejandro Campos) Honduras (Diana Espinal Meza) representative of the CADELPO Venezuela, filmmaker (Abraham Sanabria); the National Union of writers and artists of Cuba UNEAC – delegation Holguin and Pte. the Nicholas Foundation Dr. Carlos Jesus Garcia Guillen. The writer Jacinta Escudos of El salvador, various literary groups of Veracruz port, members of the Consular Corps, civil society, and students. The singing of the national anthem of Mexico and Peru, was in charge of the: baritone: Cecilio Juarez Osorio. During this literary journey was presented the anthology of poetry lovers of land and sea, carried out by the Peruvian pedagogue Guillermo Vargas Rodriguez. The book was presented: testimony of a decade. Literary production of the UEEV, edited by UNAM.

He said: Sergio Villasana Delfin, director general of the IVEC, Jose Antonio Durand Alcantara, President of the Academy of University Extension and dissemination of the culture of the UNAM. Also presented the documentary Bambamarca: voices of the Earth study achieved by filmmaker Venezuelan Abraham Sanabria. The documentary presents a protest and defense of the environment. Organized tables of intensive readings in the categories of: poetry, fiction, essays. Among other activities were conducted tours to the historic centre of Veracruz. Appreciated the presentation of artistic groups such as: group are Jarocho Ballet of the IVEC under the direction of Prof. Laura Bravo. Musical recital from Peru to Mexico by Juan Jose Paredes. Presentation of the Comparsa of the Institute Veracruzano of culture. It is decorated with the gold medal to Mr. Governor Cultural Latinoamericano to Maestro. Fidel Herrera Beltran, granted by the House of the Peruvian poet, which was placed by Dr. Jose Guillermo Vargas, recognition for his forceful support for the rescue, promotion and dissemination of culture. The coordination of this event, was in the hands of the storyteller and poet, Dr. Martha Elsa Durazzo Magana (President of the State Union of writers of Veracruz) the Instituto Veracruzano de Cultura, CONACULTA, the city of Veracruz. Lic. Sandra Vazquez, who made an excellent job of logistics. All formed a highly professional and dynamic team, who were able to show that in Veracruz things are done with passion and excellence. Architectural spaces that hosted such events were: the enclosure of the reform, the UEEV, the Lois Hotel, Hotel Holiday Inn. Veracruz Malecon. The newly opened cultural corridor Landero y Coss, was scenario of the Veracruz book fair. Veracruz well done!