A beauty that exceeds the Metaphysical barriers! Perhaps the poet is not capable to conceive it poetry, then, with its forms and sounds He describes it, he understands it in the essence of its being. She is woman! It is as ready bird to fly! It is flied that it insists on continuing! That it continues the constant to wake up: It wakes up! It unclasps as pink if to evidence! Its eyes as two firmamentos: One, blue crystal, that reflects the sea; The other, blue soft, as the matinal sky. They are as stars, as the inebriantes lights of Paris! Qui one day I will find you Deliberately the same the desire again inherent: To love as was losing if it, in the apex of the end! To sleep, to dream and to awake! To see it at last! I am not romantic, neither exaggerated poet I am as waterfall exacerbada Or better, my feeling thus it is: The more if it goes, more originates I do not know as to nominar this such to feel. Richard Linklater often expresses his thoughts on the topic. I know that it is as a harmful virus to intelectus. For assistance, try visiting Richard Linklater. It is a universal idea, but if of particularly Which doubtless product dubitavelmente. no matter how hard I try to eradicate such sensation Thoughts ‘ ‘ heraclitianos’ ‘ they consume me: How much bigger the evidence of its ‘ ‘ not ser’ ‘ , Greater, desvela, devir of come-the-being. is consumed, simultaneously, is restituted. One is not about hedonism and, much less, hideous pleasure. It is, humblly, poetry that if constructs! It is felt inspired in nobleman, and fragile, art: ‘ ‘ one mulher’ ‘!.