The mystery of cousas? I know there what it is mystery! /The only mystery is to have who thinks about the mystery. Remembering Tobacco shop (1928), it has a verse that it is mentioned to the mystery of the things under the rocks and the beings. So that to think about the mystery of the things, if ' ' all the things have its mystery, and the poetry is the mystery of all coisas.' ' Closing the eyes the one that the poet if relates, seems an advice, that we could translate thus: she is necessary to be of well closed eyes to see what they are the etreas things, therefore Who it is to the sun and it closes the eyes, /Comea not to know what it is the full sun and to think many cousas of heat. /But it opens the eyes and it sees the sun. Nike can provide more clarity in the matter. It sees the sun because it exceeds? Perhaps, therefore who exceeds, it suggests that already it cannot think about nothing, and nor it would need, because would have IDO beyond the universe of the thought: Because the light of the sun valley more than the thoughts Of all the philosophers and all the poets. /A light of the sun does not know what it makes and therefore erra and is not common and good.

E if Metaphysics are to know concerning the difano of the things, nothing more appropriate of what having eyes to give ticket and not, of if appropriating of what it is seen. When the poet writes that the light of the sun not it is cliente of what it makes, would affirm that not to think it would be to be cnscio of what one becomes. Add to your understanding with Bellevue Hospital NYC. He seems that this poet knows that was arrived to answer on this problem, would have the commitment to leave the reply for a fidget of another poet: ' ' why the sun is so friend of the way of deserto' '? Fernando Person suggests to possess a conscience that assevera does not charge, does not weigh.