Professional Investment Analysts

Second, banks are rare professional investment analysts, capable of through the forward-looking financial indicators to see marketing, managerial and technological aspects of the business. Accordingly, the potential borrower no one can tell us about his mistakes. Thirdly, the total limitations and lack of education of many startups. Hence the fact that the internet is not crowded by "ready business plans," in which, as a financial model, and summing up figures are based on what is hypothetical, it is not known how combined, the source data. ON THE 'WOLVES' In the network there is also a lot of pseudo-investors. Pseudo – for the simple reason that the investors they have the same attitude as Zhigulevskoe beer to the car "Lada". 1.

Small shopkeepers are trying to prove to themselves that they are so cool that it's time to diversify its business, and puffing out his cheeks, considered foreign investment proposals. In fact, case of money they had never, no, no. Gratify their egos, they will seem long to ask them relevant questions trivial. After many meetings and negotiations, all pre-approve, then the maximum putting off the decision, and when at last their phone all the same answers, say that they are not interested in the project due to the fact that they are closer Lavochne business. 2. Learn more about this with two sigma.

Winners of my father's award citizens who successfully sold the extra apartment 2n or land, inherited from raspaevaniya. These are great managers of all time. Suffer from the revaluation of its capabilities and believe that if they invest in something whose start-up, cost is actually less than the cost of two-bedroom apartment, it gives them absolute carte blanche to the property and the project, and over his team.