Protocol Night

Pampers UnderJams and initiative dry night e.V. jointly inform u? ber the bedwetting issue and make the bladder diary before bedwetting is still considered taboo subject in society, although many children are dry at night not reliable. There are different reasons. However, there are also many ways to help the children concerned. So pampers UnderJams and initiative dry night e.V.

on the Web page imagine a bladder diary, to support the child and the parents in the difficult phase. Also the absorbent underwear for the night, pampers UnderJams which is modeled after a real underwear, can relieve the child. Privatdozent Dr. Latta, Medical Director of the Clementine of children hospital in Frankfurt am Main, expert on the subject of nocturnal enuresis, knows the difficulty for the families and gives advice and help. For every dry night means a good night for the child and the parents. Pampers UnderJams and initiative dry night e.V. parents give important advice about bed-wetting. Because enuretic children and their families need a lot of support and assistance at this stage.

Bladder diary provides a way to find the causes of the bed-wetting, together with the child. Pampers UnderJams and initiative dry night e.V. provide the interactive bubbles diary on pampers village. The digital and interactive calendar is used for the documentation and evaluation of drinking water and water let behavior of the child, which is evidence of the reasons of the Bettnassens. The Protocol evaluated by the bladder diary can be taken to your next doctor visit. This will help to propose individual and appropriate treatment for the child to the doctor here. Also absorbent underwear for the night, such as pampers UnderJams, can relieve the child and reduce the stress and uncertainty. The Pampers UnderJams is discreetly and in their pajamas not knowing what clearly distinguishes them from baby diapers. It is modeled after an underwear, safely absorbs urine and odors and is simply discarded in the morning. The UnderJams is around the waist around closed, so it rises as in an underwear and does not close it as a diaper with Velcro. Another advantage for a carefree night: The product has been optimized for low-noise performance, which means that it is not rustling under the night clothes. This is very important for children affected, so that it is as quiet as possible. Pampers UnderJams are in retail including DM, SCHLECKER, Muller, Kaufland, Amazon and real and available at the pharmacy. The Pampers UnderJams are available for girls and boys in different sizes. Pampers UnderJams girl/boy – (size S / M, 4-8 years, 10 UnderJams) – 8.79 * (size L/XL, 8-12 years, 9 UnderJams) – 8.79 * * recommended retail price. The price structuring is left exclusively to the trade.