Reno Kassmann

Who here would like to bring his freedom of expression to the transcript is cordially invited. We must follow of course certain rules. So all I feel, is actually by itself, kindly and respectfully with each other to work around it. Therefore, the binding rules for all contributors are: 1 we should provide assistance to our politicians. They are not used by the people to be informed.

All beginnings are difficult. 2. Since the book for everyone to be readable, the posts must be simple and easy to understand written. Awkward wording and all too frequent use of foreign words should not be attempted. 3. polite, respectful dealing with other fellow citizens of this book is a matter of course. It is not allowed to discriminate against other persons, peoples or religions, to make them bad or ridiculous before others. The personality rights violate libel or rumors.

4. straight into controversy is objectivity required. Personal attacks or insults hurt the factual discussion. This book is not a suitable venue for private conflicts. It is to openly and honestly to each other, so it reads quite better in this book. 5. the book will contain no personal information such as phone numbers, addresses, email addresses or other personal data. This protects against unwelcome annoyances. Since it is responsible for its respective text itself, the full name, as well as the place of residence must be specified. 6 private messages that a writer sends are always confidential. Texts are published only with the express permission of the sender. 7 data and content of the authors may be re-used without the express consent of not or published. 8. do I reply as editor of this book not on a message to send me again identical messages should you fail. 9. in this book, youth protection regulations are taken very seriously, pornographic, violence violent and indecent content are prohibited. It will be released to no commercial advertising. 10 pointless posts: basically it is free each, what released they for posts as long as they do not violate the terms of use and the code of conduct. It stands out however, that obviously futile or empty posts to be published, so is free me, to oppose it. I assume no guarantee that he will be released I sent to text in the book. Should a text appear too long and be shortened accordingly need to, the text is again sent to the author in a shortened version and asked for release. I would as a precaution as the Publisher of this book on the copyright. My idea for the book is protected! Please send contributions to: Reno Kassmann, Moormerland (Ostfriesland) E-Mail: