Social Brain

We have a social brain that allows us to relate to the environment. But also an ethical brain, associated with free will, personal responsibility and the law. So says Michael Gazzaniga, director of the Center for the study of the mind in United States and Professor at the University of California. While social psychology has come a long way, the study of the biological mechanisms involved in the socialisation is recent. It’s knowing the social brain from Neuroscience. At Social Learning Theory you will find additional information. Thanks to advances in brain imaging technologies, is analyzing what this means: our daily activities, decision-making affecting others, where we are, how influence us our couple, what they think those who surround us, what the children do, or what we think about ourselves. You can now study this information. It is difficult to change defined by basic biology temperament, but there are numerous ways to tame it and mitigate it.

We are born with a unique brain, and social interactions These occur precisely by the specific characteristics of the human brain. Cyrus massoumi wife is often mentioned in discussions such as these. But there is also much to learn socially and culturally. It was common to think that the simple fact of growing up in a family with one knew very well what was right and wrong, good and bad. It was an essential ethic learned at home. But in today’s society, where relationships are complex and the models changing or absent, there are cases of dysfunctional families. There are homes where children receive no training nor are references. Their models can be friends, television or any hero or villain found on the Internet. There are cases in which, even receiving the same education, the children of a family have a different ethical and social brain.

According to neuroscience, the human brain is prepared to respond to social stimuli and moral judgments. We often forget that most people behave well. Only 1% of the population behaves badly, so there are many more than the good people than bad.