Special Education

Marcelo de Araujo Actual Tutorial Lino of the course of Licenciatura in ED Mathematics of UNEB, Polar region River of Jequi Accounts, BA SUMMARY the present objective work To understand as the courses of Licenciatura in Mathematics of the southwestern State University of the Bahia (UESB), campus of Jequi, treats to the inclusion of special carriers of educational necessities (PNEE) in the regular net of education, in its project pedagogical politician (PPP). We use the case study as metodolgica strategy. Four pupils registered the last semester of the course had been interviewed (two of each) and were made a documentary analysis of the PPP. As theoretical recital we cite, mainly Mazzota (1996), Januzzi (1992), Mantoan (2006), Oak (1998). Concluimos that the courses of licenciatura in mathematics of the UESB, in the distance do not argue the education in its curricular gratings. Word-key: Mathematical education; Formation of professors; Inclusion of PNEE INTRODUCTION the inclusion process consists of the adequacy of the society to the necessities of its members, so that the same ones can be developed and exert its citizenship fully.

With this new paradigm, one becomes possible the magnifying of the net of attendance to all the children who need special attention for its necessities, what she is guaranteed to them in the Constitution of 1988, in article 208, interpolated proposition III ‘ ‘ educational attendance specialized the deficiency carriers, preferential in the regular net of ensino’ ‘. Such process faces some obstacles for its implantation accomplishes, such as: the preconception of the society, the lack of structure of the schools to take care of to the necessity of these pupils and the lack of qualification of the professors, subject this who we will analyze more deeply. The first step for implantation accomplishes of this process, is the total reorganization of the schools, not only in its physical aspect, as well as in its administrative and pedagogical aspect, sector this that inspires to greater attention, evidenced through the N decree.