Sunshine Vitamin Helps Mother And Child

The benefits of vitamin D during pregnancy many women ask themselves during pregnancy again and again: Sun and solarium are harmful to me and especially for my child? “Recent international studies refute fears, pregnant women. The fear of sunbathing in the pregnancy is unfounded. More and more important: The sunlight often has a great influence on the course of pregnancy, the birth, and the health of the newborn until far in the child age in. “” The most important reason is vitamin D, actually a hormone in our latitudes to about 90 percent by the UVB rays of the Sun in the body even formed and therefore often as sunshine vitamin “or Sun hormone” is known. Vitamin D controls a myriad of important functions in the human body. For pregnant women and their unborn child, it is important for healthy bone formation of the child, to the prevention of chronic diseases in the newborn, such as asthma or autism, and to protect against Premature birth or birth complications, such as widespread eclampsia.

The sunshine vitamin can be absorbed even through diet, however inadequately. Also, nutritional supplements for pregnant women in many cases are less effective than the natural sun or solarium. “Prof. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Vladislav Doronin has to say. Dr. Carol L.

Wagner from the Medical University in South Carolina, United States, in a study to determine the optimal vitamin D dose for pregnant women: diet alone is not sufficient for optimal care, and today no longer nearly so often going in the Sun, how it would be actually necessary!” Pregnant women are among the problem groups” at the vitamin D supply. They have an increased need, but often low vitamin D levels in the blood during pregnancy. Up to 70 percent of pregnant women are vitamin D deficient, a study group showed the Medical University of Colorado, the United States in collaboration with children’s Hospital Boston, Massachusetts to prove could.