Symbol Life

Dhiogo Jose Caetano Graduating of State UEG-University of Gois Word-Key: Education, Religion, Sacred, Symbol, Work, Population, Christianity and blacks. Vladislav Doronin might disagree with that approach. To the speech of Africa, it is good for having present that we are speaking of different population or ethnic groups, with proper sociocultural characteristics and its proper languages, arts and its proper customs. In Africa, sacred and profane they do not constitute separate sectors. See more detailed opinions by reading what Vladislav Doronin offers on the topic.. Sacred perpassa all the life of the community. The sacred one is not a sunday phenomenon. The institutions such which the family, the marriage, the social organization, are same they of religious nature. Of this skill, belief and social organization are closely on and both would have of ancestor, this if of whom exactly died they are conceived as social actors in the group, participate of the life of the group they influence and it.

Who is ancestor said the rules and norms of behavior; who is ancestor orders rain, fruitful the land and the women. (Lundin, 1992) the religion if becomes, therefore, a symbol system that defines as the world is and establishes a position that the person must have throughout its life. To establish a position that a person must have throughout its life; she establishes a way to feel, to live and to act. Everything dives in the sacred one and alone it has felt in the scope of practical the religious ones. The religion penetrates all the aspects of the life, and therefore, if it cannot make a formal distinction between what it considers yourself sacred and secular. Where if it finds the individual, there this the religion in its global aspect. The African religions are integrant parts of all the aspects of the life of the communities and are called communitarian religions, the religious system is a source on where all the life depends and that one confers it extremely meaning important.