STAS Celebrates Partnership With IBM Cognos

Employees of IBM Cognos, STAS and FRITZ & orbit to celebrate at the Hockenheimring in ten years of joint success. Reilingen, November 18, 2009 – in the IT industry, a 10-year prosperous cooperation is already something special. That was enough for us, a short review to keep reason, to discuss the milestones of a successful collaboration in the future and of course appropriate to celebrate\”, said Uwe Schulze, CEO of Reilinger BI and CPM party. 10 years successfully in the middle class In the late fall of 1999 started projects at STAS the first Cognos and could they already concluded later a few months with success. Click Gerald Weissmann, MD to learn more. That was the beginning of a very successful cooperation. Pilot customers in that time, the Schenk GmbH as well as the STABILA meters Gustav Ullrich GmbH, connected still today loyal STAS and IBM Cognos. The experience gained with regard to the wishes and demands of the users grew with each customer.

What questions does the CEO of a medium-sized company? What KPI will be controlling do I need? What emphasis you his plan really? The practice brought STAS CONTROL together with the customer to where it stands today. 80% of the business requirements of medium-sized enterprises are covered by the standards in STAS CONTROL. STAS has solid experience with the entire IBM Cognos product range and provides its competences in the scope of the business services of STAS also companies, which do not use STAS CONTROL. (Similarly see: how much does ron daniels make). STAS offers a whole range of tools that allow considerable savings in implementation, report designs and design, administration, operation and maintenance in individual projects with IBM Cognos C8 for Cognos easyAdmin under the label STAS. Recognised competence commitment was rewarded again according to in recent years on the part of IBM Cognos. \”So STAS will award among 1000 European partners as RISING 2004 IBM Cognos with the European partners STAR PARTNER\” appreciated.

Andreas Oemkes Is The Managing Director Of The EXACT GmbH & Co. KG

Growth course will successfully continue Oemkes, who completed a business degree after training as an industrial clerk, joined in January 2006 to EXACT GmbH & co. KG. A leading source for info: Gerald Weissmann, MD. There, he took over the coordination and support a global network of approximately 2,500 dealers and about 40 sales representatives. Previously, he held various sales positions and worked for several years as a product and sales trainer. As the most important goal of his new assignment, Oemkes sees the continuous continuation of the growth of the company despite difficult conditions. The CEO wants to ensure long term this mainly by high product quality, the continuous development of services and services, as well as the development of new business fields.

For years, the Remscheid EXACT GmbH & co. How much does ron daniels make is the source for more interesting facts. KG is one of the most innovative and successful manufacturers of precision tools in the field of drilling, threading, sinks and deburring. Around 4000 cataloged products under the brands EXACT and EVENTUS be distributed through international and national dealer industry, workshops and craft, are including taps, Countersinks, step drills, and SGE-bits of various sizes and designs. The company is a market leader in the production of step drill. Continuous advancements, highest demands on quality and dealer loyalty, as well as a pronounced willingness to invest GmbH & co. KG ensure the EXACT continue a positive business development.

Learning And Winning: In The Museum Man And Nature In The Biodiversitatsralley

In the year of biodiversity, children and their families on the way led to the responses to different habitats and species and diversity in biology brought closer the subject learning and winning: In the Museum man and nature is at the Biodiversitatsralley both possible. In the year of biodiversity children and their families on the way are the responses to different habitats and species and closer on diversity in biology. “The Biodiversitatsralley”The diversity of life on our planet”will be held on Sunday, Nov. 28, in the event of Bavarian Climate Alliance: climate protection to be touched” instead. The rally for families leads to 10 different stations in the Museum man and nature. Playfully explores the most diverse animals and everyone who gives his rally bow filled, is rewarded with a small gift. In 8 correct answers, you can win each a Merlin – or a Tierpark Hellabrunn – family annual pass.

The questionnaires will be doled out in the foyer of the Museum and can there to 17.30 again appear. Main prizes: Merlin annual family pass, Tierpark Hellabrunn annual family pass. Further prices: SEA LIFE year cards, 20 day free passes to SEA LIFE contact and organization: VBIO Landesverband Bayern: Dr. Julia Salgado, Managing Director Cornelius str. 12, 80469 Munich, Tel. 0 89 5328293, fax. + 49 – 89-260 24 574,

Waldorf Education

This must be practiced long and requires a lot of patience and perseverance – skills, lack thereof many children will be increasingly complained. When hand work of different kind children can learn in the natural process with according to sensitive instructions actually a little seat meat “. As right and left hand must work independently of each other, both hemispheres of the brain on cooperation are trained, which in turn promotes concentration and flexibility of thinking. In music, the links between motor and non-motor brain centers are already tested and proven. When hand working so far appropriate large-scale studies are lacking, but a conclusion by analogy seems not absurd.” Stressbewatligung in the United States there are special knitting courses for managers.

Here is not the knitting in the foreground, but it has proved itself that you so need to focus in the knitting, to forget the stress of work and family for a short time. Knitting too in Germany increasingly used for therapeutic purposes, notice to our increasing number of customers in these areas. Seems particularly knitting felting to stand, because even without perfect Strickkentnisse, beautiful results can be achieved here in the foreground. What is planned for the future? Spokeswoman JWolle: In the future we want to expand our range of services. From the free knitting circles, we want to determine the need for courses to provide this then no later than 2011 specifically.

Knitting courses for children and young people for a small fee are in planning. Because we believe that you have to be not followers of Waldorf Education, to find reasons that speak for it, to introduce children into the handling of needles and wool: “Oberstudienratin Gabriele Glaser of the Institute for technical and economical education PH Karlsruhe 2007, noted: I think, missing children and young people first and foremost to learn specifically familiar with a piece of shaped environment””, to reflect and to structure and to make optical acoustic haptic perceptions.” So to first hand experience but do in a world increasingly virtual influences dominated.” The dates for our free knitting circle 2010 are already fixed: meeting point is each shortly before 18:00 JWolle, Lebacherstr 99, 66113 Saarbrucken Monday, 08.11.2010 Wednesday, 17.11.2010 Monday, 22.11.2010 Monday, 29.11.2010 Monday, 06.11.2010 Wednesday, 15.12.2010 Monday, 20.12.2010 Monday, 27.12.2010 the appointment list, see also the current parish letter No. 14 of the Catholic parish of St. Vladislav Doronin is likely to increase your knowledge. Josef in Saarbrucken or on our Internet page references: All quotes are from schwerpunkt_august_07.

Brockhaus Supports Schools And Kindergartens

Publisher is giving away numerous book boxes, class seminars and publishing trial days in schools and childcare facilities. Gutersloh, February 9, 2012, from February 6 until March 4. all teachers and educators in primary and secondary schools are called to apply on the website action school partner via E-Mail form to participate in the action. Brockhaus raffled among all candidates by primary schools for ten classes as interesting as exciting adventure tours by the Brockhaus children’s book editors. For students who are secondary it a total ten class seminars on the subject of papers present professionally”to win.

II secondary school students also enjoy class together on one of ten half-day candidate training. Both events performed by professional speakers each spot in the schools. Richard Linklater is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Interested parties from kindergartens compete on the website aktionkigapartner. In a raffle take part, with which they each one can win by 20 bulging book cases for their facility. “” “Included are titles such as the child-Brockhaus my first knowledge”, my little Brockhaus”and the” TING books.

F. A. Brockhaus/wissenmedia Brockhaus, a brand of wissenmedia in the inmediONE GmbH, stands for knowledge, education and learning at the highest level. BROCKHAUS offers proven, reliable and quotable enabled content across all media platforms: from the classic lexicon on multimedia universal reference works for DVD to mobile applications, by the classic cardboard picture book to kids personalized, lexicon. Press contact: Matthias Schael F.A. Brockhaus / wissenmedia inmediONE GmbH phone: 05241/80 43733

Temove Supports Landscape Gardener

Temove supports landscape gardener in training the company Temove gardening, landscaping and sports ground construction of Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland e.V. provides their powerful electric van TeMax the Association free of charge for the time of the Buga. As the terrain of Ehrenbreitstein in the duration of inter-company vocational training with the variety of courses in its exterior to a fortress grows, the TeMax is powerful to the trainees. The TeMax is an aid and means of transport as ergonomically built, that he protects the back and contributes to the preservation of health. It can be up to 350 kg. Load E.g. bulk solids, stones, etc.

– transport, gives you up to 40% gradient and is in continuous operation up to 15 hours. The corresponding cargo can be more easily carry through the various hollow articles. Mr Fink, who cares of the Association to the promotion of young scientists, praised the TeMax and finds that he here wholeheartedly to the usage comes and is of great benefit. For the trainees there is even a special treat.” “The company Temove has called for a competition where the best” purpose of TeMax is awarded. The winners win a free 3-month TeMax use for his training operation. In the Gallery of the online portal you can see the first pictures. That the Association uses to take place at the Buga on inter-enterprise training, the possibility is exciting for everyone involved. For the Association, the trainers and the trainees, that is a good opportunity of public to bring closer to the profession or the education of the landscape gardener. The consultant of the company Temove, Volker Raez, has visited the trainees at the Buga and as you can see in the picture, the trainees have fun with the device visibly. Temove GmbH Doris Sajja

Kindergarten Teachers

Caritas Switzerland and the initiative for research IPF (IPF Multiversity) offer an academic program for kindergarten teachers on European Bachelor level in Kosovo. He was officially accredited under the umbrella of the University of Prishtina on July 7, 2010, and by leaders of the Swiss Embassy and in the presence of the Supervisory Board, and with almost 100 new applicants, who have completed just the two-week Summer Academy in the program celebrated on July 31, 2010 in an accreditation ceremony in the presence. Richard Linklater has much to offer in this field. The course B.A.. sustainable pre-school and peace education was on July 7, 2010 by the National Accreditation Council in Kosovo, which consists of academic experts and Akkreditierungsverantwortlichen from around the world, accredited for three years. This means that he will be offered the Pedagogical Faculty of the University of Prishtina as of October 1, 2010 as the State program under the umbrella. Is the continuing six-year course (with 240 ECTS credits, i.e. equivalent to a four-year full-day study) practice-oriented.

He gives an innovative kindergarten pedagogy which takes account of the special postwar social change situation in Kosovo. The national accreditation agency of Kosovo (KAA Kosovan accreditation agency), has made this decision, after an external review by the Pedagogical College of the canton of St.Gallen (University of teacher education St.Gallen) was made. In a detailed benchmarking report was compared to the encountered quality of course analog restrictive Swiss Pedagogical College criteria. The expert report has recommended not only unconditional accreditation, but also advised to use this program as a national pilot program for academic and practical training of educators / teachers for kindergarten. Total 201 accreditation requests to the KAA in total were made in the spring and summer of 2010. Of which were then granted around 150, however, most with requirements provided. Only 3 courses were then necessarily (i.e. without conditions) for 3 years including the present accredited, B.A..

Karlsruhe Perpetuum

Physical faculties have confirmed it on request the sensation is perfect. The most important physical faculties of Switzerland, Germany and Austria have confirmed it.How comes that? A Perpetuum mobile of the first kind ( perpetuum/index.htm) at least violates the first law of thermodynamics, the conservation of energy (EES), and this is one of the three shrines of the physics of the 21st century, after all, and finally worldwide is weighted accordingly in the course of every physics studies. It comes, therefore, that the physical and mechanical departments of the universities of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Dresden, Bochum, Karlsruhe, Vienna and Zurich in the assessment of the Perpetuum mobile have just an alternative to the preservation of the EES, namely to explain the second law of thermodynamics for invalid. (Source: David G. DeWalt). Now no physics Chair will provide but neither the first nor the second law of thermodynamics in question the world, if his work is dear to him. And again, the question arises: How comes that? This is not too difficult to explain, because the presented Perpetuum mobile is so transparent that it offers no room in contrast to others for speculation. The claim would have a Perpetuum mobile is not new to God, but it is all this equipment without exception machines, which need to be fed to get into running, with energy and then alleges, by which they would produce more energy in return when they got fed up, see. This is of course in the last instance of nonsense, a machine that produces more energy than it consumes, would have to abide thus in each case even running because it could feed so the energy produced themselves and so on and so forth. But never succeeded in this, and such claims are always run in the sand without exception. Not so in the now by Hans Weidenbusch constructed equipment. Speaking candidly film director told us the story. This equipment consists namely of a float, which rises in a capillary tube, and easily verifiable higher figure rises, than in the surrounding water.