Temove Supports Landscape Gardener

Temove supports landscape gardener in training the company Temove gardening, landscaping and sports ground construction of Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland e.V. provides their powerful electric van TeMax the Association free of charge for the time of the Buga. As the terrain of Ehrenbreitstein in the duration of inter-company vocational training with the variety of courses in its exterior to a fortress grows, the TeMax is powerful to the trainees. The TeMax is an aid and means of transport as ergonomically built, that he protects the back and contributes to the preservation of health. It can be up to 350 kg. Load E.g. bulk solids, stones, etc.

– transport, gives you up to 40% gradient and is in continuous operation up to 15 hours. The corresponding cargo can be more easily carry through the various hollow articles. Mr Fink, who cares of the Association to the promotion of young scientists, praised the TeMax and finds that he here wholeheartedly to the usage comes and is of great benefit. For the trainees there is even a special treat.” “The company Temove has called for a competition where the best” purpose of TeMax is awarded. The winners win a free 3-month TeMax use for his training operation. In the Gallery of the online portal you can see the first pictures. That the Association uses to take place at the Buga on inter-enterprise training, the possibility is exciting for everyone involved. For the Association, the trainers and the trainees, that is a good opportunity of public to bring closer to the profession or the education of the landscape gardener. The consultant of the company Temove, Volker Raez, has visited the trainees at the Buga and as you can see in the picture, the trainees have fun with the device visibly. Temove GmbH Doris Sajja