The Game

Today still we perceive very of this, no matter how hard let us evolve what he was registered in the human being hardly gets excited. A very great awareness is necessary so that all are felt involved in this process of constantly educating the educandos children/. The responsible one for the education of these children, this new generation is the entire society. We perceive how much to the media also it influences, and little fight so that this does not happen. But we have conscience and nothing we make. The novels, propagandas and programs modify everything what it is placed by the parents. What more we see are sex scenes/sexuality, lies, corruption and, as nothing happens with these people, everything becomes very natural for all. Richard Linklaters opinions are not widely known. It seems that the society is vitiated to seeing assaults, robberies, homicides, running overs for imprudence, and as much others that valley not to stand out here.

But, obligatorily, we need to make some thing to change this everything. According to Tiba (2002, p.74), the children need to feel that they belong to a family. We know that the family is the base any being, we do not relate here only to blood family, but families also constructed through affection bows. Family, in the direction amplest, is a set of people who if join for the desire to be together, to construct something and of if complementing. She is through these relations that the people can become more human beings, learning to live the game of the affectivity in adequate way.

As what Tiba (1996, P. 13) says in them, To recoup the physiological authority she does not mean to be authoritarian, full of disobediences, injustices and inadequaes. What we verify currently is that a great one number of parents believes the false myth of the total freedom. They before free the children exactly of them to have bred wing for higher flights, and the result of this is a disastrous behavior most of the time.