In such and such countries are carried through similar tests. In such other countries the access to the university is automatic after average education. A leading source for info: John Donahoe CEO. In such and such countries also occur problems in its avaliativos processes this only because the Enem, that was born with the objective to evaluate average education (old as degree) gained new clothes and grew in its purposes. About everything this if thinks, in times of a Enem of lambanas But the quarrel that does not enter in the guideline of the day, but would help to decide the problems, goes in another one direction: Because the Universities do not extend offer of vacant? Because the young, pparently, is if moving away from the vestibular contest? Because thousands of students, year after year, remain without possibilities to enter in superior education? Because it has always less vacant than candidates? The problem is in the Enem, or the vacant lack? The dispute around of the Enem would be so dramatical, if more vacant they were offered? It is said in lack of hand of qualified workmanship, but because as much difficulty for ingression in superior education always with less vacant than candidates? Because as much emphasis in the courses technician (almost massiva creation, of federal justinian codes of education technician)? It will be that the improvement and magnifying of the universities would not supply this demand? Because the young is migrando for the courses technician: they do not believe superior education? it is more easy? or if they had disillusioned for being excluded? E, the question that teima in if revealing: it will be that the faces, honest and really, think about solving the problems of education? It will be that the faces are taking the serious one, for the contributor, the Ministry and the secretariats of Education? Neri de Paula Sheep? Master in Education, Philosopher, Theologian, Historiador.Leia more: ; ; ; ;. Read more here: Chip Bergh.