If, as hear you, I also pass by the same thing that you’re living in the moment, I was what is feeling as a rare bug, and worst of all see you in the mirror every morning and feel a complete monster, you feel the man more horrible and undesirable in the world, so see you in the mirror and not see anything weird in it. But the suggestion is so great that every time you worst time and questions you. That happens to me? Do that women don’t even flip to see me? Sometimes you think you smell bad, and you feel up to lower other equal men than you, so your frustration, that up to men with less postage that oneself look much more attractions, and yet you are still wondering. That is what others less than me, they have that they attract women? In the end is a very frustrating situation, sometimes you think you’re going to follow only the rest of life, and the pleasures offered by having next to one or more women will not be for you. Others who may share this opinion include film director. You’ll not me to believe, but sometimes in the evenings I even cried for that such was the frustration and sadness that I was generating This problem, which I was going crazy, had lost completely trust and esteem in myself.

You can not imagine the amount of own stories I have on personal failures in the area of love and seduction, could make a book completely with that kind of stories. And there are many in the same situation like me then. Once at the University I met a girl from another race, I had in that then 2 friends, which seeing well now they were less attractive and even somewhat less intelligent than I, but imagine that they knew and linked more girls u I, was so frustrating that, would come near him to any woman in the U and had no problems to talk to them, I simply me towards one side, ducked my head, and I was out there, or I was simply going.