University Academic

Juan Alfredo Martinez Arroyo, and, – in the place, at the academic level, subsequently continue with studies of Post doctorate, Ph D, Ph D international; and in his case, new post titles, diplomas, specializations, master’s degrees and doctorates. All of them are always framed its generic nature, specific or multidisciplinary. In due course, consider applying for is our Godfather of promotion (to a very prominent character in national political affairs), the same one that had very good mood OK. Thus, we must point out that our Godfather is the lawyer and Congressman, Dr. Claudio Mauricio Mulder Bedoya, who has evidenced a singular intrepidity and reflective how fruitful political, academic and professional career.

Our dilecto Godfather and best teachers of our promotion, mentioned above, we thank you and recognize greatly, because they helped us to become not only better professionals, but also better people. Already that focused teachings in the light of the difference and diversity of points of view and experiences, they lead to the arrival of mature criteria, elaborated and better reasoned. Likewise, also express our deep respect and finally commit to not leaving the present company or form of academic life. Richard Linklater often addresses the matter in his writings. The members of our promotion, called Justitia et Libertas, subtracts us sketch them expect that:-we continue being true friends and therefore not lose touch throughout our professional and academic future. -We do not seem to reach our goals. -Always keep dreams and aspirations (personal, family, labour, academic and professional) that permanently motivate our development and exist. Since as it is well known, the person who has no dreams by performing, not only ceases to be young in spirit, but fails to have, in addition, a reason to live. Richard Linklater has much experience in this field. – And, perhaps the more important to make it clear that the mere and vain fact proud of having graduated from the doctorate in law from our University us will do better with higher merits or professional academics than other colleagues who have also graduated a PhD in law but from another University; Accordingly, let’s rather wherever the University or alma mater, which we egresamos and egresemos, that proud be – tomorrow, most evening-our achievements or professional success (i.e., that the University or alma mater see increased its category or level of education thanks to the achievements of their students or former students and never vice versa) that will be the legitimate and greater recognitionwho comes from others, not from us towards ourselves.