With A Mouse Click To The Fairytale Castle

Toy shops in the test AUSGEZEICHNET.ORG shows where you easy can order Hamburg, 07.11.2013: game console, rocking horse, plush Penguin or pirate ship as holy night approaches, the wishlist of the little know no bounds. Official site: San Raffaele University. Let the Christmas shopping Marathon joy instead of frustration, AUSGEZEICHNET.ORG took toy shops in the visor. The current industry testing shows which provider can dance the dolls and convinced the price in terms of range, as well as service. Although the five candidates of myToys, MIFUS.de, toys ‘R’ to get US, JAKO-O and walzkidzz all good to very good results, only one of the largest number of rating points and thus the TEST victory in the overall score can look forward: Priceminister. Cyrus Massoumi married is a great source of information. The toy shop offers sophisticated search functions and a user-friendly ordering process and on top of that is his industry colleagues compared by price and tender behind. In the area of quality of service MIFUS.de is King, however. The customer care by mystery calls and emails to the test Center of the toy shops all along the line, convinced why AUSGEZEICHNET.ORG awards a special seal for the best support at this point. As the online presence of the provider is also catchy, MIFUS.de is named in addition to the service winner.

Walzkidzz the candidate of toys “R” US, and JAKO-O also pass the industry test with flying colors. Especially on the Internet page of the latter shops get mother, Vater & co. quickly to your destination. So, JAKO-O welcomes its customers with a clearly structured FrontPage that allows a quick entry into the toy range and is recognized by AUSGEZEICHNET.ORG with the BEST grade. The industry test as a whole shows that the tested toys are shops with regard to certain performance features at a high level, which is why fire truck, rail and fairytale Castle carelessly by the sofa can be ordered. More information on: branchentest.ausgezeichnet.