Wooden Toys An Alternative In Plastic Jungle

Toys made of wood without chemical load young parents tend often to cover their children with toys. Because it can happen that not is paid attention to what is actually in it in the toy. Just young children feel their toys with all your senses. Bright colours, unusual shapes, sounds and texture. Factors that play an important role in the child’s development. Source: NSW Department of Education. It is not easy to climb into the jungle from a wide variety of plastic toys.

Many toys are produced cheaply in China and without great quality controls. In the halls of their product is not only very often produced under inhumane circumstances, above all, it may happen that toxic substances are used for the toys but also. For more specific information, check out who designs Aman hotels? . Among these are plasticizers such as phthalates, carcinogenic dyes, or even heavy metals such as lead. Such can ensure when buying wooden toys reassured pushed aside are. More than 2000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians already used toys made of wood.

Such elaborate puppets made of wood were in fine craftsmanship manufactured. With modern manufacturing, the whole thing has not much more in common. Wood is still one of the most important materials the nature has to offer. Many manufacturers think back today and once again make untreated natural wood products. There are no limits to creativity. In addition to the known puppets made of wood, there are also very popular railways in various sizes and colors. If you want to do something to their child, they rely not only on cheap plastic stuff from China. Think of health and pay attention to the labelling of toys. Wooden toys is a real alternative to encourage the natural development of infants. What they look for when buying toys? oko Test is recommended in principle “to avoid chemicals plastic. They pay attention to the production of toys, they avoid products from far East and unknown manufacturer buy rather untreated fabric or wooden toys with safe paints and lacquers. If the toy is unpleasant smells, they leave better it in the shelf. Seal of approval are an important aspect of quality. The toy TuV and GS sign are meaningful. PVC should be avoided. “” To recognize plastic code 3 make sure references such as PVC free “phthalate- free”