Two women with different backgrounds and education, training and working methods have come together with Mariana Scvortova from the former Soviet Union and Angela Eberhard from Germany exhibition of Mariana Scvortova (painting) and Angela Eberhard (sculptures) to the exhibition project of Schwabing to elsewhere”. But there are also similarities: the focus of the work of both artists is the interest of the people as the subject of their art. Both the images and the characters are realistic with a fine eye for detail. Mariana Scvortova are nostalgic, melancholic but also critical and rebellious tones that determine their painting. Angela Eberhard cheerful, humorous, ironic and also approved dyes shows as counterpoint and complement to the representation of their characters. Both artists work narrative: they tell stories the viewer with their work and to show a deep understanding of the (Allzu-) human. The combination of painting and sculpture and the different and yet corresponding image statements the two artists, the exhibition make a cheerful and thoughtful at the same time voting experience for the Viewer. Dinner Vernissage, on Friday 02/07 from 19:00 with live lounge music of Chinese silk and video tape exhibition 14.00 – 19.00 opened Saturday 03.07.und at Sunday 04.07.10. Studio/Gallery Rovshan zewe Schelling str.