He resigned from this site, or even no longer communicate in video chat rooms. And a lot of other reasons. That it is desirable to do in these situations and how to deal with such customers? A few tips: 1. Always be friendly.

If you have a bad mood, do not show it to him. Remember, you do for him is not real, but simply the fruit of his imagination. 2. Say what he wants to hear. Of course, You will come to him on the other end of the world, you will have unforgettable sex, then you get married you first, and his parents the boy, then girl. And it is for you no matter what you 20, but he was soon 50, the main thing is his personality, and do you like older experienced men. Let him feel needed and wanted, because he may be deprived of this in real life. Do not ask him about his wife, children and mother-in.

He sees them every day and comes to you to take a break from the real problems and plunge into the world of fantasy and imagery. Praise him for his success, be interested in his affairs, let him feel that he is a real muzhchina.Oni strongly offended if you contradict them, and can ceases to come to you in chat. 3. Constantly try to find it when you sit down to work every day to submit a love note yahoo, sms, email messages. Let him know what you think about it, and be aware of its existence. 4. Pull it until recently. Knowing that he still goes in the end, try to squeeze out for themselves as much as possible use, ie money. Some give gifts, send money, or what you ask, do not be lazy to sit and chat with him in chat every day, ask you to raise the rating, write recommendations for other clients. Usually they all agree, and you, in the end it just right. 5. Do not believe him. Many customers are with you, making believe that he – the same long-awaited alien for whom you so wanted to get married. In this case, he will win! Always remember that it is the client that what he said – a pack of lies, and your main goal, to play for time and money. It’s a shame, but nothing can be done, it is the specifics of the work. Because the model is a professional actress all is strange to look for his wife adult video chat in, agree? Do not build illusions. Studied psychology, she will help you better communicate with different people learn what they need and provide them with the kind of communication that they want. Be different. Let it be a surprise for each of your image. Simply put, be smart and girls do not fall for the trap men.