So dear customers listen what you say experts on the development site. If you turned in a truly professional company, you are not bad advice. You are the customer, pay the money and therefore are entitled to feedback, but the singer duty to warn you if your needs are too inconsistent with the rules of an effective website. Therefore, the customer and the performer must reach a compromise. Error Three. Website development is just the first step. More one problem customers – not understanding all phases of site development. For some reason many people think that once, after the complete development of the site, it soon will flood the crowd of visitors and phone will be red with an abundance of phone calls.

But in fact this is why it is happening. All is not as desired. And the thing is that many customers are beginning to understand the need to promote only after completion of the site, but not before all the stages creation. And the budget allocated to the site, exhausted, and the effect is zero. Often, site promotion is greater than the development of the site. The problem is not just about money, but also in time.

After completion of the site to them and still do. Update news, products, pricing, etc. etc. This problem has already been the site owner, since he was granted site management system – so we must act, that is, from time to time to give some time the site. Otherwise, the site can be neglected and forgotten. If you do not have time to maintain the site, you can hire a specialist. But clearly we must not think that after the completion of the site, you can relax. No! Only the beginning … Error fourth. Legal. Very often one and the same problem – changes in progress. Since the site development process long (several weeks or even months), then at this time, the customer may have wishes for the new site design and programming part.