Man – a creature primarily social. For us, seeks to establish in the society, to communicate, to recognize us in a specialist to make new acquaintances. Get all the facts and insights with how did vladislav doronin make his money, another great source of information. And perhaps most importantly – the desire to have true friends and comrades, but also at least occasionally to see his family. Additional information is available at how did vladislav doronin make his money. The realities of modern life are such that each of us most of the time at work, in the continuing negotiations, meetings, the decision of everyday issues. The time for such order of the day flies by very quickly.

Sometimes it is not even his closest people that already talk about communicating with friends and family! But we always lack what it was before: easy communication, no ranks, orders, communicate with equal human beings. We are increasingly in power relations chief – Performer (slave), and less often – spend time with friends and family. There are, however, is wonderful time for most people – a birthday, when, due to the traditions of men gather most people close to him, accepting congratulations, recalls the past, enjoying the present. A special case of this holiday – anniversary, which will be discussed in this article. Why we celebrate the anniversary is wider than your birthday? Why in order to organize the anniversary we spend much more effort, time and money? The answer to each of us lies in the family traditions and norms of our mikrosotsiumov and Russian society as a whole. Anniversary – an opportunity to gather together at the banquet table of many people who play important roles in our lives: relatives, friends, partners and colleagues. .