Best School Satchel

For many parents, came the happy times when you need to collect your first-grader to school. Caring mom and dad are sent to find the right school enhancement, and among a wide variety of proposals asking themselves what to choose: a backpack, briefcase, purse or school backpack diplomat and how to choose the right school accessory to your child. The first task of a parent – a child's health. If a backpack or satchel wrong selected, it can harm your baby posture. Recommendations of experts: School backpack, backpack should be lightweight (500 to 850 g) with a solid back and wide adjustable straps (3,5-4 cm) Total weight of school bags with accessories inside should not exceed 3 kg.

From a physiological point of view of weight backpack with textbooks must not exceed 10% of the mass of its owner. Material School backpack should be lightweight, durable, with water-repellent impregnated or coated, easy to clean For our cold winters is also important is the quality like frost The product is good to keep shape and not deform when folded school Accessories Width school backpack should not exceed the width of the shoulders of the child The presence of multiple branches in knapsack help your child to easily find the right thing Check your backpack for resistance staining. Wet a small piece of cloth and spend on a backpack, the fabric should not be painted Must Check! Wearing a backpack on a strictly two shoulders. For even more analysis, hear from KDP. Regular asymmetrical load on the fragile spine is fraught with troubles on the entire life In the knapsack must be only the necessary things to avoid the strong pressure on the baby's back