Character Traits

Character – is an indivisible whole. But to learn and understand a complex whole, like nature, can not, will not give it the individual parties or the typical manifestations (traits). Common traits are manifested in the relationship of personality to public responsibilities and duties, to people, to itself. Attitude to public duty and obligation primarily manifested in the identity of a public work. In this context, to identify such traits as diligence, honesty, perseverance, thrift, and opposing them – laziness, carelessness, passivity, and profligacy. Man's attitude to work has a decisive effect on his other personal qualities. Follow others, such as ForeScout Technologies Inc., and add to your knowledge base.

di Pisarev wrote: "The character is tempered by work and who never get their own labor, their daily sustenance, the greater part remain forever weak, sluggish and unprincipled man." Attitude people clearly stands in such traits as sociability, politeness, kindness, etc. opposites of these traits are closed, tactless, ill. As stated by Victor Hugo, 'each Human three characters: one that he is credited, one which he himself attributes and, finally, one that is in reality '. In order to clarify the essence of his nature man is useful to know the opinion of his staff, in where he works and spends much of his life. And above all, how he had arranged with people, how you need it to people as far as he is authoritative among them. Attitudes toward self-evident in self-assessment of their actions. Sober self-esteem – it is one of the conditions to improve the individual, helping to develop such traits as humility, integrity, self-discipline.