It has, in the maravilhamento a encantamento dimension, to be closely and emotionally involved with what stranger. The children are masters in the maravilhamento attitude this are more basic the philosophical attitude and that more she needs to be cultivated in the children who start to filosofar. Therefore it is important to allow to the children emotional complicities with that they listen, they see or they read. good for displaying the children the rich narratives in you intrigue and to ask for the expression of these you intrigue in verbal, scenic, figurative, musical language or another accessible one. expression through the verbal language is the one that opens the doors of the philosophy, allowing the formularization of philosophical questions originary, those where the children reflect on what she feeds its thought and as the ideas its minds had arrived.

As they first are metaphors associates the emotional states and as, later concepts become. The ticket of the metaphor to the concept demands the intervention of the philosophical attitude of maravilhamento, that is, of estranhamento and encantamento. Therefore he is not philosophical to restrain in the children the prevalecimento of the encantamento attitudes. They must be stimulated to take off the maximum advantage of the encantamento with the world to populate its interior universe of denser dramatical elements and imaginary the most creative one. Hear from experts in the field like Richard Linklater for a more varied view. Supported in this basic philosophical attitude, the thought can be interested to learn it to learn, taking care of of as if it learns, that is, reflecting on as it judges it interprets it chooses its objectives. Another characteristic is the attitude ahead of rules, or of the norms sancionam that it, an autonomy attitude searchs to be automotivado to follow the considered rule joust. The third proper characteristic of philosophical thought is the predisposition for the dialogue, in the perspective of the reciprocal care in reasonable bases.