Equipment Tapas Cleaning

For the owners of private houses, when there is no central sewerage and topical issue is biological treatment. An alternative solution to this situation would be the acquisition of an autonomous station Tapas. Its operating principle is to combine fine-bubble aeration wastewater and their deep biological treatment (98% -99%). Self-contained sewage treatment plants Tapas produce a different number of users, which means that there is always opportunity to choose the model that best fits your needs. All models share the stations, depending on various characteristics: the volley of discharges, energy consumption, amount of daily recycling and dimensions. Sewage Treatment Plant Tapas can function as a continuous and in the seasonal mode, if you see yourself in this area only in the warm season. Septic tanks Tapas has several different functions: the collection and effluent equalization, aeration activated sludge treatment, the accumulation of excess water and sludge settling tank. Routine cleaning Tapas clears 98% -99%, but for those who want to achieve absolute effect, sewage treatment plants are completed separately standing or built-in special filter of gravel, crushed stone or sand.

Thanks so effective cleaning stations Tapas, the owners of suburban areas can not worry about the issues of groundwater contamination, nearest water bodies and soil. As a result, you can take care not only about their own comfort, but also about the preservation of natural resources. If you live in your area immediately around five people, the best stand-alone sanitation for you will Tapas 5. The model is considered standard among systems of deep cleaning. When used properly, an autonomous sewer Tapas 5 provides a stable and effective treatment of wastewater for a period of about fifty years. Plumbing Equipment Tapas 5 is designed to shower, toilet and a few shells. Speaking about the installation Tapas 5 – it is quite simple and requires minimal skills installers earthworks. With its installing and loading can easily cope four. If the number of users can potentially increase sewer, or you need to connect an additional walk-in shower, you should think about acquisition station Tapas appropriate size for the given conditions, otherwise you are exposing the threat of serviceability used stand-alone treatment plant.