Payments OSAGO

Payments for CTP – what should I do? How should do the drivers to get payout for CTP in a timely and in full. In fact, it's pretty simple: you must strictly adhere to the requirements of the Rules of CTP and attentive to the paperwork. First of all, you need to call traffic police on the scene of an accident, to prepare all necessary documents on the spot and fill in with the other party "Report on the accident." Importantly also ensure that the Help of an accident, decorated the traffic policeman, were given all exterior vehicle damage resulting from an accident. After that, the driver, who considers himself a victim, you need to notify their intention to submit a claim to the insurance company alleged perpetrator accident. This is best as soon as possible but no later than fifteen days after the accident, to come alone in this insurance company and officially hand over "Report on the accident," and received a certificate of the traffic police accident appropriate forms. Under the Rules of CTP to the insurance company sent the original "Report", so you should give it a signature of receipt.

If you give yourself "Report on the accident," and can not help, you can send them by registered mail with return receipt and list of contents. Notices to make sure to written by free-form statement of intent to exercise their right to an insurance payment. We must not forget that the perpetrator of the incident should notify your insurance company about the accident and in a timely manner, that is not within fifteen working days to transfer your copy of "Notice of Accident." How important is expertise in CTP? The next very important step is the examination of the affected vehicle.