Flower Pests

Flowers are one of the most beautiful components that can occur in a garden, but to preserve their beauty is necessary to try to avoid the presence of pests of flowers and for the task it is best to know more about the different pests of flowers and so have some knowledge when it comes to combat pests that can damage the image of flowers. Scale insects: also known as cooked, are small insects that have a protective shield to attack and when the flowers stick your spear in the leaves to get the sap of the same, resulting in discolored leaves, that loss sap will eventually yellow and fall, also part of the expelled sap consumed in liquid form and in such liquid settle fungi. To combat the insects can make use of a cotton ball soaked with alcohol or apply insecticide anticochinillas. Aphids: small insects are colored green, brown, black and yellow. When in flower nailed its peak and will absorb the sap, which have the effect of deformation of the leaves, also give way to the formation of fungi, also attract ants, as these tend the aphids. To cope with this kind of pests of flowers, the leaves can be cut if an attack is weak and gently wipe the leaves with water and some soap, but if the attack and advanced it is necessary to use an insecticide.

Whitefly: As the name implies are small white flies, which are more in flowers like Begonia, Fuchsia, Dahlia, Geranium, Poinsettia, Rose, Laurel, Gardenia, Cole, Cineraria, Primavera, Sage, Gerbera. The damage these pests cause the flowers is due to a constant pecking, which leaves discolored, if it is severe the leaves are deformed and may even fall, also produced an excretion that will usher in the presence of the Mushroom. To address this type of pests of flowers is good to spray the undersides of leaves with chemical treatments, which should be repeated several times. Trips: These are tiny insects barely measure a few millimeters, which cause discoloration on the leaves of the flowers. Indeed this type of pests of flowers does not cause great harm, but it is sometimes necessary chemical intervention. black Donut: is a type of caterpillar is feeding the neck of the flowers and lower leaves, which is a great destruction for the flowers. To eliminate the pests of flowers as the black donut should use pyrethrin-based products by applying it in the evening, as this pest is nocturnal. rose-beetle: they are a sort of shiny green beetles, which eat the flowers, leaves, shoots and buds. Usually you do not need chemical treatments, but should be attacking with your hands or some means to capture them or crush them.