Quench Thirst

In many regions of Russia, the thermometers persistently clings to the mark of 35. Iesli a month ago we just sighed and sighed, watching zatemperaturnymi records, sought refuge in the shade and cool reservoir, then Now our bodies are already fairly exhausted ivopros maintain physiologic activity of the organism – the most that eat-to-date. It is important to remember that usually evaporates 2-2,5 liters of moisture per day in hot weather as "Leak" comes to 4 liters. A lot or a little? Uchenyepodschitali that the loss of 1 liter of liquid begins to torment us thirst, 2 L-reduced mental activity, 3 l – begins dizziness, Abol – possible fainting and heart attacks. How to recover losses and to support domestic life balance – let's deal. About a third of fluid needs, we fill soups, vegetables, fruits, the rest – a variety of drinks. What we drink and what Use: evaluated by independent experts of the rams.

Sweet drinks (1 point) Unfortunately, the magic "Sprite" does not allow us to dry up just in advertising but in fact, just 15 minutes thirst returned, only to have none, but with extra centimeters at the waist. And it is natural for all sladkihgazirovok and lemonades. Should take into account the fact that an essential ingredient of any carbon dioxide. In itself it is harmless, but his presence enter stimulates gastric secretion and triggers bloating imeteorizm! milk (2 points) If we talk about the use of milk in the hot season, here it is expedient to drink skimmed milk or diluted with water.