Gallegos Nava

This is reflected not only in strengthening the ethical postonvencional, as person, but also in the professional field, his conception of learning should be evident through a dialogical process of mutual understanding with the student, to be taken as a human being at the Centre of this process (Gallegos, 2004:52) for what if school tends to rescue the part of training human integral students attendingThis will be reflected in the development of society and the wellbeing of the world in general, in our nature, environment, i.e. the planet since we are part of the kosmos. Form a learning community whose purpose is the evolution of consciousness through an integral and permanent learning. They are the creative space of a new conscience with vision of totality. At British Journal of Educational Technology you will find additional information. (Gallegos 2003: 39) the power to each school a space of this nature obviously in the future would be guaranteed that it would change the world in which we live. Change of paradigm and work under a holistic education, implies a change of roles the actors in the process of teaching and learning, as well as the perspective that takes the student, since it involves seeing it as a human being, in which dialogue has to be at the heart of communication of the teacher-education, and that at the same timeevaluation of learning must be integral character including the objective and subjective aspect of acting of the subject in various school situations. For the foregoing reasons, Gallegos Nava does mention that education cannot be reduced only to cognitive processes that education implies a broader experience in which relates the total awareness of the student, i.e., a sujeto-sujeto relationship full of subjectivity and passion, emotions, values, ideals, intuitions, transcendence and spirituality. (2001: 102), why which must have a comprehensive vision of what implies the process of formation of children, adolescents and young people attending the school facility.