Of this form, it is important to create mainly in the spaces of infantile education, a pleasant environment and of easy access the acquisition of books of diverse literary contexts that makes possible to the pupil a diversified world the cultural level. Therefore, the UP Lions Club emphasizes this proposal, and, it prioritizes the access to the trunk of histories that if finds in our school. This quantity has brought a well structuralized context in the development of the vocabulary of our pupils, as well as, in the comprometimento of these with books, either in handling of leves, and also in the importance that these represent for them. Thus, today with sped up computerization, and the high degree of accessibility to other technological resources, we see how much it is difficult to assume and even exactly to form readers.

Histories counted chores or can transform a universe all. They make possible the acquisition of a rich vocabulary, a writing that if facilitates through the reading. She reads in them takes for ways of fancy and reality. The child who since early has this possibility to acquire books if becomes well developed, desinibida and even though, its learning is facilitated through the words and illustrations that if make gift in books. if the school to use this type of activity associated with the practical one of the playful, physical and mental development, will make with that the child develops the reasoning, the creativity in the similar areas of the knowledge and, sensetizing then, the construction of knowing. Therefore, so that the reading has felt must be taken in account the will of educators, parents and all the segments that are involved in the project as form to stimulate reading great the small creation of for the desconstruo of the illiteracy, and also, for the acquisition of one to know that it prioritizes one significant, pleasant learning and stimulant.