Human Functions

The Organizacional Climate As for the organizacional climate, is possible the integration to the aspects of the organizacional culture of one determined workstation. As we have motivation in the individual level, we have the organizacional climate in the level of organizations, where this closely affects the motivation of the individuals inside of one determined local one, that is, it is that tried psychological atmosphere when we enter in an environment and that it directly affects in them so that we are or not in it, if makes in them to feel to the will to play certain functions, the way who we interact in them with the others, among others things. This climate influences in them inside to play our functions of an environment, that also is influenced after us. You may find that Nike can contribute to your knowledge. It is the key for terms healthy organizations to inside work, to hold back the best talentos of them and consequentemente, to create an active and motivated atmosphere. An environment with positive a organizacional climate, is characterized by a place where the people if feel motivated to work, to interact with the excessively participant ones, to search innovations and, consequentemente, mutual respect. This climate influences in the psychological aspects of each individual, bringing enormous benefits for its workers and its companies, therefore healthy companies tend to prosper with rapidity and consistency for the success. Learn more at: Chip Bergh. The favorable organizacional climate helps to become the people mentally healthiest, where these if feel, in relation to the other people and to obtain to surpass the obstacles that the life imposes to them, reaching full personal and professional satisfaction.

However we also have a climate characterized for apathy, lack of interest, desmotivao, depression, fear, personal maladjustment, you intrigue, that it is called as a negative or low organizacional climate. In this environment to the people if they do not feel to the will to work, having an enormous disinterest for its functions and the organization, cultivating high taxes of absenteeism, high rotation of employees, resignations, being able to take the company to a stagnation state. The necessary organizacional Climate carefully to be worked so that it functions favorably, searching always to the increase of quality of life in the work, and, consequentemente, as resulted, the success. Bibliography: CHIAVENATO, Idalberto.Recursos Human – the human capital of the organizations; So Paulo, publishing company Campus, 2009.