The Ideal

The alum-no had no idea where he was heading, nor what would you teach tomorrow or for what taught you, that you were teaching today. If was happening to any student ask: for what study this?, answered you calmly that he learned it by now and that later he would know why. With what is was clearly pointing to the escision between end and means. The end was external to the activity esco-lar.

Within the modern conception, the end is internal, immanent to the school activity. The student must understand the sense and purpose of what makes, at the time making it. 2 – The use of reason to resolve problems. The second ideal of democracy is the use of reason. Democracy in – tends the faith in intelligence to solve problems and faith in the powers of reason – ment of man to avoid excesses and defects. The enrichment of the spirit, by the observation of the real and the conservators-placion of the ideal, add to, the cultivation of reason. It is not only the development of logical thinking, but the acquisition of the Faculty know emerge from empiricism and transform images in ideas, symbols facts and experiences in legislation.

This was the wisdom of the Greek people, having created the methods racionales and the order of the General ideas, and this spiritual evasion outside the empirismo has helped humanity, raised to the universal civilization by encima of all forms and cultures. For this reason should be done to walk to each young student, to each persone that it intends to form, the route of the Greeks, i.e. raise it from the simple conocimiento of the concrete fact to rational intelligence. Democracy promotes the development of the truth and considered as imported – you that the opinion of the minority is protected as a possible source really, instead of judging minority as a scapegoat, as occurred in the last war with the Jews.